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When it comes to your Social Security Disability (SSD) you have many choices. But let’s cut to the core. Here is a list of 9 reasons why choosing to work with Benefit Reps of America is a smart move.
  • Increased chances of SSD approval. Whether you are applying for the first time or appealing a denied application, using Benefit Reps of America will stack the odds in your favor. And when 7 out of every 10 initial applicants are denied you risk becoming a statistic… unless you have professional representation.
  • Specialized Social Security expertise. Our attention to SSD is not diluted by other services. We are dedicated to maintaining the most current knowledge on laws and requirements relevant to SSD and Disability Supplemental Income (SSI).
  • Rare insider experience. Benefit Reps of America offers over 30 years of collective SSD experience on both sides of the desk. Only representatives who can claim this dual level of experience understand the intricacies of the organization this well.
  • Non-Attorney Social Security Administration certification. Only certification for non-attorney representatives guarantees rock solid quality and professional fitness. That’s because non-attorney representatives must (1) have a qualified education from an accredited university or equivalent professional knowledge, (2) demonstrate significant representational experience, (3) hold professional liability insurance, (4) pass a detailed background investigation check, and (5) score at least 80 percent on a rigorous exam testing their knowledge on the Social Security laws set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations 20CFR 404 and 20CFR 416. We offer it all.
  • Personalized service. We handle all your paperwork and contacts with SSA on your behalf. Please read that again. Yes, we do all of it­–coordinating and collecting medical records, submitting paperwork, and contacting the SSA.
  • Consistent communication. We are always available to personally answer your questions and concerns.
  • Hand-holding. When it is time for your appeal we will be at your side. This is not a figure of speech. We will be physically present, next to you, advocating on your behalf as you face the appeals judge.
  • Respect. Insider experience has given us more than knowledge. It has given us compassion and respect for the human element missing from the SSD process. It’s simple. We care.
  • Guarantee of service. There will be no fee for our services until your case is approved. That makes us 100 percent risk free.
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