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Have you worked and now suffer from either a chronic injury, illness or both?
If your answer is yes, we can help you.

Are you tired of the stress, effort, and anxiety that comes with applying for Social Security Disability?
We can help you.

We help people who:
  • have applied for SSD or SSI and have been denied, or
  • have never applied, or
  • are somewhere in between the application/appeals process, or
  • are collecting Workers Compensation.
Yes, it’s really that simple. Call (585) 663-6333 or email us today. It costs you nothing.

Maybe there’s something else that concerns you. Perhaps you’re wondering if expert Social Security disability representation is right for you.

Would it be enough to tell you that qualified, expert representation significantly increases your chances of approval? Or, you can have expert representation that will handle all your paperwork, all your phone calls, and even be there with you advocating your case, at your hearing? And, you can have all of this and not be charged for your representation until your case is approved?

If you’re still not convinced, then please take a few moments to learn why representation is a smart and safe choice for you and how you can find qualified representatives. Or learn how Benefit Reps of America is different from other Social Security representation services.
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For more information, please call:
(585) 663-6333
No fees until your case is approved!

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