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Lupus or SLE is an inflammatory immune disorder that can affect joints, heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, blood vessels or the nervous system. The disease is extremely unpredictable going from periods of exacerbation (flare-ups) to remission. There are a multitude of symptoms including, but not limited to, severe fatigue, involuntary weight loss, joint pain, skin rashes, headaches and anemia. SLE can also cause mental issues which may include mood disorders, anxiety, disrupted cognition (brain fog) and psychosis.

To be eligible for disability SLE must involve two or more body systems or organs. Additionally, the affected area must have at least a moderate level of severity and two or more symptoms OR have recurring manifestations of SLE with two or more symptoms at the severe level such as maintaining social function; not being able to complete tasks in a timely fashion due to deficiencies in persistence, pace or concentration or having a limitation of daily activities.

Social Security disability examiners can consider what a person is able to do despite limitations of their lupus such as their ability to perform work during a flare up. If the examiner determines that you are unable to perform past or current work during these periods they may approve you for disability.

Of course, continuous treatment from a specialist along with blood tests, imaging or urinalysis along with any hospitalizations will be crucial in supporting the severity of your condition.
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