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Searching for expert Social Security Disability (SSD) representation can be overwhelming. In an effort to help you become an educated consumer be sure to ask a potential representative the following 6 critical questions:

The 6 Critical Questions
  1. Do you have specialized Social Security expertise? Look for representatives whose sole purpose is Social Security representation (i.e. non-attorney Social Security representatives). These are experts who will take the time to understand your unique case and make sure you are applying for the maximum amount of SSD and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  2. How comprehensive is your SSA experience? Representatives with SSA insider experience have rare knowledge. They know exactly who and when to call to ensure your claim slides smoothly through the system. Only representatives with experience on both sides of the Social Security desk understand the intricacies of the organization as well.
  3. Are you SSA certified? This is your guarantee of quality service. However, it holds exceptional value for you when held by non-attorney representatives. That’s because non-attorney representatives must (1) have a qualified education from an accredited university or equivalent professional knowledge, (2) demonstrate significant representational experience, (3) hold professional liability insurance, (4) pass a detailed background investigation check, and (5) score at least 80 percent on a rigorous exam testing their knowledge on the Social Security laws set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations 20CFR 404 and 20CFR 416.
  4. What level of true advocacy do you provide? The application for SSD demands paperwork. For starters, you must provide medical records, names, addresses, and phone numbers of physicians, caseworkers, hospitals, clinics and dates of your visits as well as lab results and detailed work history. When your SSA representative is your true advocate, they will handle this for you. They will coordinate the collection of your medical records and emphasize the medical information most relevant to securing you an approval. They will take care of all the headache and hassles so you can concentrate on more important issues–your health, for example.
  5. How do I know you respect your clients? A good representative will provide the human element missing from the SSD process–compassion and respect for your individual needs, concerns, and welfare. It sounds simple but look for a representative who cares.
  6. Will I be responsible for payment before my case is approved? Representatives who are confident in their skills will not require you to pay fees to their organization prior to approval.
Where to Go From Here

This document is a starting point. If you are actively looking for expert representation please call Benefit Reps of America at (585)663-6333 where they will answer your questions about an SSD course of action.
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