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Under Social Security this would fall under Musculoskeletal system impairments that may result from hereditary or from birth. Carpal tunnel does not have its own listing, so someone afflicted with this disorder must prove that they cannot work a full-time job. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in the underside of the wrist whereby inflammation causes pressure on the nerve. Repetitive motions of flexing and extending the wrists, like typing, can cause (CTS). Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid issues, pregnancy or menopause can also cause (CTS). Wrist and arm injuries can also contribute to the condition as well. Numbness particularly of the thumb and first two fingers can be the result of (CTS), and symptoms tend to be worse after sleeping. Many experience weaknesses in their hands and wrists and tend to drop things.

Due to the prevalence of office jobs and using a computer it is unclear whether these repetitive tasks cause the condition or exacerbate it. Inflammation is common so pain killers, injections of cortisone and wearing splints can help to alleviate the symptoms. Surgery is often required for severe nerve problems. Social Security does not care about what the disability is only how it hinders your ability to work. Since the use of your hands is required in most jobs you would need to provide treatment information and the prognosis from your doctors. X-rays, MRI’s and CT Scans as well as any lab work supporting your condition would also be important. How you respond to surgery and/or physical therapy could also be helpful if it is determined that the condition has not or will not improve so that you could perform normal tasks at work.
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