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Physical Disabilities
When a Physical Disability Keeps You from Getting Mental Health Help
Depression and suicidal ideation are more likely among people with disabilities due to factors like abuse, isolation, and stressors related to [...]
Better Sleep May Improve IBD Patient Lives
For patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge. Sleep disturbances are common in IBD [...]
Dispelling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Myths
First, the facts: carpal tunnel syndrome surgery is the second-most common type of operation, with more than 230,000 procedures performed [...]
Navigating the Social Security Disability Application With Chronic Migraine
It feels like just yesterday I was sitting inside my local Starbucks, scanning all the documents I could find, desperately trying to learn [...]
Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Affected by Disabilities well in Advance of Diagnosis
Patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis often are affected by functional disability a year or two before the disease is diagnosed, according to [...]
Time is Brain - Stroke Awareness
Every 40 seconds on average, an American will have a stroke. It is the nation’s fifth leading cause of death and leading cause of serious [...]
Lupus Has Made It Difficult to Work Full Time
Having lupus is hard enough, but when a full-time job is added in, it’s almost unbearable. Sleep is always an issue. It seems [...]
May is Stroke Awareness Month
May is Stroke Awareness Month across the country. According to the American Stroke Association, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and a [...]
What Does Severe Injury Mean?
Please Note: This article is presented for informational purposes only and is not meant to represent or provide legal guidance.  The law is [...]
Is Juvenile Arthritis Considered a Disability?
It’s a question I’ve asked and have been asked: “Is juvenile arthritis considered a disability?” Frankly, I never got a [...]
Yoga Regimen Reduces Severity of Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
According a study published in Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, eight weeks of intensive yoga practice significantly decreases the [...]
Ask The Pharmacist: Diet Drinks may Increase Stroke and Disability
Diet sodas are not the lesser evil; they are just as evil as regular soda, and some argue they are actually worse. Linking low- or zero-calorie soft [...]
‘You Don’t Look Sick’: Not All Disabilities are Visibile
My ninth-grade algebra teacher looked down at me  under her spiked eyelashes, frizzed blonde hair and deep eye wrinkles, and breathed the five [...]
22-Year-Old with Deadly Disease Loses Disability Insurance
Megan Willis lives with cystic fibrosis, a deadly disease that causes extensive lung damage. The 22-year-old said she spends around six hours a day [...]
Common Genetic Disorder Found to Cause Serious Disease and Disability with Age
New research has revealed that hemochromatosis—a genetic condition that causes more than a million Americans to absorb too much iron from their [...]
1 in 4 People Over 25 Will Be Hit by Stroke
A quarter of the world's people over the age of 25 will experience a debilitating stroke during their lifetime, a new study [...]
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: When do You Need to Seek Help?
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the median nerve becomes compressed in the carpal tunnel area of your wrist. The median nerve [...]
Gene Vital for Post-Stroke Recovery Identified for the First Time
Having certain specific variants of the PATJ gene predisposes ischemic stroke victims for worse recovery. Seven out of 10 patients with these [...]
Smoking Cannabis May Boost Risk of Stroke by Cutting Off Blood Supply to Brain
A new study suggests that smoking cannabis may boost your risk of having a stroke. Experts analysed hospitalisations of more than two million [...]
After Stroke Strikes, What Comes Next?
The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, the world's leading voluntary health organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular [...]
High Burden of Depression, Anxiety Reported Among Adults With Arthritis
The prevalence of anxiety and depression is higher among adults with arthritis compared with the general population, according to survey [...]
Millions Take Aspirin to Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer. Turns Out That’s Risky.
An aspirin a day has long been been touted as one of the pillars of a healthy routine for older people: Swallow the pill and see your risks of heart [...]
Social Security Disability and Hearing Loss
Having a medical condition that prevents you from doing your job, meeting financial obligations and caring for your family is a stressful situation [...]
Social Security Supports People Battling Cancer
There’s no special application or form you need to submit for Compassionate Allowances. Simply apply for disability benefits using the standard [...]
Workplace Protections Fall Short as more Cancer Patients Survive
Months after surgeons removed part of her jawbone due to cancer, Adrienne Frank was still recovering. She needed a feeding tube because she [...]
Adding Chiropractic to Back Pain Care may Reduce Disability
Adding chiropractic care to standard medical care for low back pain may help reduce discomfort and disability, a U.S. study suggests. Researchers [...]
Study on Arthritis Trends in the U.S. Turns Up Some Unexpected Results
Arthritis is the leading cause of disability and pain in the United States and the impact on individuals is quite significant. The most common form [...]
Cost-Shifting Between Workers Comp and Social Security Disability Disputed
The idea that the costs for caring for injured workers have shifted to Social Security Disability Insurance is being disputed by a recent study [...]
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