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Mental Disabilities
Returning To Work With A Mental Illness Is Possible
Returning to work with a severe health condition or recent injury can be hard enough. Battling the same misconceptions and stereotypes during a [...]
What Keeps People with Serious Mental Illness from Finding Jobs
People with serious mental illness believe their physical health problems rather than psychological health make it difficult for them to find jobs, [...]
Autism Parents May Be At Risk For PTSD
Nearly 1 in 5 parents of kids with autism who participated in a new study had enough symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder to qualify for a [...]
When a Physical Disability Keeps You from Getting Mental Health Help
Depression and suicidal ideation are more likely among people with disabilities due to factors like abuse, isolation, and stressors related to [...]
I was rejected for disability insurance because of a past mental illness. Here's how I eventually got covered.
I'll admit it: I never thought about disability insurance until a few years ago. My jobs never offered access to a plan, and I [...]
This New Headset Combats Symptoms of Depression without Medication
Depression affects millions of people all over the world and remains the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for people aged 15 to [...]
New Findings Could Improve Diagnosis, Treatment of Depression
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have identified biomarkers — genes and specific brain circuits in mice — [...]
Taking Depression Seriously: Anxiety, Addiction and Chronic Illness
Depression can increase susceptibility to other diseases like anxiety, substance use disorders, and chronic illnesses. In this post, we will explore [...]
How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Mental Health
After graduating from college, Abby, a 22-year-old from Nebraska, accepted a dream job as an editorial assistant at a book publishing company in New [...]
‘You Don’t Look Sick’: Not All Disabilities are Visibile
My ninth-grade algebra teacher looked down at me  under her spiked eyelashes, frizzed blonde hair and deep eye wrinkles, and breathed the five [...]
Which Mental Illness Is Most Disabling?
While there is no consensus on the exact definition of disability (especially psychological disability), there is greater recognition these days [...]
PTSD Sufferer Says Increasingly Businesses Are Saying No To Service Animals
Eduardo Dieguez believes in second chances, for himself and for his four-legged friends. “If it wasn’t for one of these [...]
Disability Benefits For Burnout
Our office regularly consults with physicians who are considering filing a disability claim under their private, “own occupation” [...]
What to Know About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
For people suffering distress after experiencing a serious trauma, it can be hard to find any relief. Post-traumatic stress disorder has been [...]
Will The FDA Ban Shock Devices Used On Those With Special Needs?
Just one place in the country is known to use electric shock devices to modify the behavior of people with developmental disabilities. Advocates want [...]
How to Apply for Social Security Disability with Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder causes severe mood swings that can make learning, working, or other aspects of daily life difficult to perform. Fortunately, the [...]
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