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Over 5 Million US Adults Have Autism
For the first time ever, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are estimating the number of American adults who have [...]
How Autism Families Are Coping With The Pandemic
In a new national survey, families of children with autism say that services have been severely disrupted because of coronavirus, but they are [...]
Autism Parents May Be At Risk For PTSD
Nearly 1 in 5 parents of kids with autism who participated in a new study had enough symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder to qualify for a [...]
A Quarter Of Kids With Autism Go Undiagnosed, Study Suggests
A substantial number of children who meet the criteria for autism are failing to receive a formal diagnosis, according to a new study based on data [...]
New Autism Guidelines Focus on Early Diagnosis, Treatment
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on Monday issued its first new autism treatment guidelines in 12 years aimed at helping doctors identify [...]
Autism is a Disability, Not an Identity
There was once a time when the term autism actually meant something. Now it seems as if every other person self-identifies as being at least [...]
Everything You Need to Know about Autism in Adults
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one of the most commonTrusted Source neurodevelopmental disorders. In most cases, people receive an [...]
Autism: More Than Meets the Eye
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a wide spectrum, ranging from those with severe disabilities to highly functioning autism. Also, there are multiple [...]
Autism Insurance Mandates Increasingly Extend To Adults
While nearly every state requires insurance companies to cover autism therapies, most cut off mandatory coverage beyond childhood. Age caps for [...]
Study Finds Huge Gaps In Support For Job Seekers With Autism
Many people with autism are not getting the assistance they’re entitled to from a government program that’s supposed to help individuals [...]
Even Among Kids Who ‘Recover’ From Autism, Struggles Remain
Some children outgrow autism, researchers say, but losing the diagnosis doesn’t mean these kids are free of challenges. Though autism [...]
Study Suggests Kids Should Be Screened Earlier For Autism
New research indicates that autism can be reliably diagnosed in children months before pediatricians conduct routine screening for the developmental [...]
Demand for Autism Spectrum Disorder Teachers Inspires New FSU Programs
Kelly Whalon, associate professor in special education at Florida State University, first landed a job teaching children with autism spectrum [...]
Programs Teaching Those With Autism To Code Get Boost
Autism Speaks is putting big money behind efforts to train people with autism to code, betting that the unique talents of those on the spectrum pair [...]
Home Videos May Speed Autism Diagnosis
Short home videos may provide enough information to determine whether or not a child is on the autism spectrum, a [...]
Study Links Subset of Genetic Variants to Autism, Intellectual Disability
Genetic variants across the genome contribute to about 8 percent of the risk for certain developmental conditions — much more than previously [...]
How Geography Influences Autism Treatment
There are many different treatment options for children with autism ranging from speech therapy to behavioral intervention and medication, but which [...]
April is Autism Awareness Month
Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum disorder” that affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. [...]
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