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Social Security Expedites Decisions for People with Severe Disabilities
Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security, announced five new Compassionate Allowances conditions: Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors, GM1 [...]
How To Tell A Real COVID-19 Contact Tracer's Call From A Scammer's
State officials and federal agencies warn there's a new phone scam circulating: Callers posing as COVID-19 contact tracers are trying to pry [...]
How Social Security Helps Disabled Children And Families
SSA’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program helps children with qualifying disabilities and their families. For this program, a child must [...]
Disability Benefits Are Vital For Those Facing Medical Issues
No one ever anticipates a health problem so serious that they must stop working, especially when a leave of absence becomes one or two years out of [...]
Covid-19 Deaths Will Lessen Financial Hit To Social Security From Recession
The financial health of Social Security will be helped by deaths from Covid-19, Social Security Administration Chief Actuary Stephen Goss told [...]
Health Issues Forcing Retirement Early?
Many Americans want to work well into their 60s and even into their 70s, so they'll have more money for retirement and can delay [...]
Second Stimulus Check: Can Social Security Beneficiaries Get the Payment?
The initial proposal was that low-income social security recipients would only get half of the amount but that is not actually the case. The [...]
Three Big Differences Between SSI and SSDI
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are both federal programs that provide cash payments to people who [...]
4 Reasons Disability Insurance Might Belong In Your Financial Plan
Disability insurance protects your most valuable asset — the ability to earn an income. If you experience an injury or illness that prevents [...]
What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Disability Insurance
Many people simply pass on disability insurance during their open enrollment period for company benefits. We tend to think that disabling events [...]
What Beneficiaries of Social Security Need to Know About Stimulus Checks
Millions of $1,200 stimulus payments have been sent out to Americans, but some recipients of Social Security or other government benefits are still [...]
The Pandemic’s Hidden Victims: Sick or Dying, but Not From the Virus
Maria Kefalas considers her husband, Patrick Carr, a forgotten victim of the coronavirus. In January, Mr. Carr, a sociology professor at [...]
Here's Why You Shouldn't Abbreviate 2020 When Writing the Date
As we enter a new year, people across the internet are pushing a new helpful tip.  Don't write the date 1/2/20, write out 2020 in [...]
3 Social Security Moves to Make for 2020
Social Security's importance to the pocketbook of the average American retiree can't be overstated. More than 60% of all retired workers [...]
Social Security: The Basics of When to Claim Your Benefit
Retirees generate their income from any number of sources, which can vary from individual to individual, such as a pension, a 401(k), an IRA or, [...]
Our Misconceptions About Mental Illness are Putting People Out of Work
Even though mental illness affects one in five adults — and depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide — [...]
How Does Workers' Compensation Affect Social Security Disability?
Workers' compensation and social security disability can have different effects depending on your situation. If you have a workers' [...]
4 Reasons You may Need Disability Insurance, Even if You Think You Don't
Despite popular belief, disability insurance is not just for on-the-job injuries. The most common disability insurance claims after [...]
6 Frequently Asked Social Security Disability Benefit Questions
IF AN INJURY OR MEDICAL condition makes you unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security disability payments. The Social Security [...]
What Is Disability Insurance and Should I Buy It?
Let’s say you suddenly fell ill or sustained an injury that prevented you from working and earning a paycheck. Would you be able to keep [...]
Your Most Valuable Workplace Benefit may be the Most Overlooked
One in 4 adults will become disabled at some point before reaching retirement age, according to the Social Security Administration. Yet few [...]
Understanding Social Security
Social Security touches the lives of nearly every American, whether at the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, the onset of a disability, or [...]
Police Warn of Social Security Phone Call Scam
If someone calls you about your Social Security card or number, hang up. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; [...]
Assessment of Work-Related Functional Abilities Is Important In Disability Determination
Assessments of a person’s ability to function at work provide important information for disability determinations, and many validated tests are [...]
Going Out on Disability
When someone is faced with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, they often wonder “do I need to go out on disability?” Unfortunately, [...]
Failure to Accommodate Injury is Disability Discrimination
Anahit Shirvanyan, 63 years old, worked as a kitchen staff at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC), a licensed childcare facility in Van Nuys, CA, which [...]
Crafting an Estate Plan to Include Disabled Family Members
Without proper planning, leaving an inheritance or making a gift to a disabled family member can cause the disabled person to lose their means-based [...]
Amazon Rolls Out Disability Hiring Initiative
On one afternoon shift, Michael Howard logged some 15,000 steps pushing a cart around the aisles of an Amazon Prime Now warehouse, gathering [...]
Rising Costs Force Disability Programs To Shrink Or Close
At its peak, the adult day program at Pathway to Choices in San Rafael hosted art, music and other behavioral therapy classes five times a week for [...]
Here’s How You Can Plan for Retirement—at Any Age
Vincent Martin is 56 and on track to retire right on time at 65. That’s no small feat, considering that he has never used a financial adviser [...]
Disability Insurance: Definition, Why You Need It and How to Get It
Disability insurance should be a key part of your overall financial planning. Insurance is designed to cover losses that are too big to cover with [...]
Working While Receiving Social Security Disability
To become eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you must be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity. However, you may [...]
Can I Get My Ex's Social Security Disability Benefits?
Q. My husband died in September 2018 he was 53. We got married in 1991 and divorced in 2003. I am 62. I receive Social Security disability and [...]
Senior Life: How Disability Benefits can Help Support You in a Crisis
More than 155 million U.S. workers are insured for a disability through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. They receive this [...]
For Some, Service Dogs Play Vital Role
Dollar has a job. The 2-year-old yellow lab heads left when Rob Messervy steers him left, away from the bench in the sun and inside the [...]
5 Reasons Why People Apply for Disability Benefits
More than 155 million U.S. workers are insured for a disability through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. They receive this [...]
How Employers Should Handle Requests for Workplace Accommodations
When employees request certain workplace accommodations, it can be difficult for employers to determine when a “reasonable accommodation” [...]
Are You Underestimating Your Need for Disability Insurance?
If you underestimate your risk of disability, you’re not alone … only 10% of individuals accurately estimate their chance of disability, [...]
Dentist Disability Insurance
If you’re a practicing dentist, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll have to file a disability claim at some point in your career. [...]
Available Programs for Special Needs Individuals
In July 2015 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, “Recent estimates in the United States show that about one in [...]
Moving Tips For People With Disabilities
Moving isn’t easy for anyone, but add the stressor of a disability, and it can feel overwhelming. But are there things you can do to make it [...]
Planning for Special Needs Children in a Divorce
Unfortunately, the rate of divorce is exceptionally high—80-90 percent—among families of children with special needs. It is critical that [...]
SSAREPS Sponsors NAMIWalks May 5th, 2018
Schumer Blasts Long Wait For Seniors Seeking Social Security Help
The number of people eligible for Social Security benefits is growing at such a rapid pace that local offices are struggling to handle the case [...]
In Defense of Social Security Disability Insurance
Over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said in 2015. “Join the club. [...]
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