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Applying For Social Security Disability Can Be Difficult

person with a disability in a wheelchair.Understanding the topic of social security disability can be challenging. Many who apply for benefits are lost in a sea of questions like, “How do I apply?” and, “How long will it take to be approved?” By arming yourself early with the knowledge you need, you can make the Social Security Disability claim process as simple and stress-free as possible. In this continuing series, we begin to answer the top asked questions about the application process.

What Happens if my Disability Application is Denied?

If your application for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, you will need to file an appeal within 60 days from the date of the denial. If you are denied at the initial level, do not assume you will not get Social Security Disability benefits. Many people go on to successfully appeal a denied disability claim. If you do need to appeal your Social Security Disability determination, you may want to hire a Social Security Disability attorney for the best chances of having the decision overturned.

Can People Earn Extra Income When Receiving Social Security Disability?

Many people assume that individuals who receive social security disability benefits are not allowed to earn any income at all. This is not the case. People who receive Social Security Disability are allowed to earn an income, but that income must not exceed $1,260 per month in order for benefits to remain unaffected.

Do I Need a Social Security Disability Attorney?

To file your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits, you might want to work with a Social Security Disability representative to ensure that the intricacies of the paperwork are completed correctly. If, however, your initial claim is denied then you should definitely consider retaining the services of a Social Security Disability representative. Your chances of the appeal being successful can increase significantly with proper representation.

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