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NOTE: Please call us or complete the contact form if you have any questions or wish to apply for Social Security DisabilityMusculoskeletal issues can improve over time or with treatment, therefore Social Security prefers twelve months of treatment accessing the severity of the problem. MRI’s, CT scans or X-rays along with blood work and clinical notes from an Orthopedist, Neurologist or Back Specialists will be needed. Chiropractors alone will not be adequate for Social Security but could be considered in conjunction with other specialists.

(DDD) must result in nerve damage evidenced by limited spine motion, muscle weakness along with sensory or reflex loss. While imaging scans can show damage, pain severity is much more subjective which makes it a challenge, but not impossible, to secure Social Security disability. Loss of functional ability is a major factor to approve receiving disability based on back pain.

Spinal stenosis is pain caused by a narrowing of the lumbar spinal canal and can cause pain or discomfort in the feet, legs and buttocks when standing or walking for long periods. Numbness or weakness in your legs may also be evident and you may be unable to sustain a reasonable walking pace for a distance that would enable you to work. The use of a walker, crutches or inability to walk over rough or uneven surfaces could support your disability
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